10 common dreams and what they may mean

Having a baby: This is a very common dream and its interpretation often depends on whether you’re a man or a woman.

Having a baby: It is less common for men to dream of having a baby.

Having a baby: If a woman who is pregnant has this dream, it often simply reflects their excitement.

Teeth falling out: This is one of the most common dreams we have—ask anyone you know and they’ve probably dreamt of losing teeth.

Teeth falling out: The most popular interpretation of this dream is that it means you’re anxious or scared about something that’s changing in your life.

Teeth falling out: It's been suggested that this is linked to the traumatic childhood experience of milk teeth falling out.

Feeling trapped: Lots of people dream about being trapped, restricted, or unable to move.

Feeling trapped: This dream is thought to be related to frustration in a person’s waking life and often appears when someone is stuck in a dead.

Feeling trapped: The dream has also been linked with feelings of powerlessness and the inability to make a difference to a situation.

Money: The importance of money in waking life makes it a strong contender for an appearance in our night-time reality.

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