10 Different Types of Magnolia Trees 

Cucumber Tree Magnolia:Cucumber Tree magnolias grow up to 60-80 feet tall and have small yellowish-green flowers that bloom in late spring. 

Kobus Magnolia:They are cream-colored and start opening as early as March. They do take a long time to fully mature, up to 30 years. 

Star Magnolia:The leaves are dark green, giving a stark contrast to the white flowers. The bark is grey and one of the most easily recognized parts of this variety of magnolia tree.

Sweetbay Magnolia:The dark green leaves have silver undersides, making it a popular decorative tree. They grow up to 20 feet at their largest and spread out between 10 and 20 feet when fully mature.

Southern Magnolia: Also known as a Loblolly magnolia or Evergreen magnolia, these trees have large creamy white blossoms that give off one of the most iconic scents in the flower world.

Bigleaf Magnolia: is quite appropriate. They are named for the large leaves that they have, often up to 30 inches. They grow to around 30 or 40 feet tall and are often cultivated for gardens .

Saucer Magnolia:The low branches of the Saucer magnolia hold deliciously fragrant blossoms shaped like saucers, giving the tree its name.

Lily Magnolia: which bloom in late spring, can be up to 6 inches in diameter. Fortunately for gardeners, these flowers come in a wide range of beautiful colors depending on the variety of trees.

Ashes Magnolia:The flowers are white with purple speckling near the inside. They can be up to 6-12 inches across and are easy to spot in the trees.

Loebner Magnolia:This white-blossoming magnolia tree is actually a hybrid species of two other varieties, M. kobus or Kobus magnolia and M. stellata or Star magnolia. 

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