Top 10 False Science Facts Everyone Knows

Flu Shots Give You a Mild Case of the Flu: Yeah, your arm might be sore after you get your flu shot, but it's certainly not going to give you the flu.

The Big Bang Theory Explains Where the Universe Came From: Artist rendering of what the big bang might have looked like as our solar system was created.

Milk Helps You Grow Big and Tall and Strong: Is drinking milk going to make her taller? Not necessarily.

The Coriolis Effect Controls the Way Your Toilet Flushes: Now is that bowl in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

There Is No Gravity in Outer Space: Juggling isn't such an awesome party trick in microgravity.

Lightning Never Strikes in the Same Spot Twice: We've been a bit misinformed about those bolts.

Summer Is Hotter Because You Are Closer to the Sun: Some places in the world experience summer from June through September, thanks to the angle of the sun.

People's Nails Keep Growing Longer After They Die: Think you're going to boast fingernails like these when you die? Think again.

Sugar Makes Kids Hyperactive and Wild: Are they just burning off energy, or are they riding a sugar high.

Vitamin C Can Ward Off the Common Cold: Though a "cool science fact" firmly believed around the world, downing vitamin C won't stop the average human body.

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