Top 10 Famous Fathers

J.S. Bach: Johann Sebastian Bach stands out as one of the most significant composers.

Prince Albert: Prince consort Albert and Queen Victoria had nine children together.

Charles Darwin: Charles and Emma Darwin lost three children during their marriage.

Mahatma Gandhi: Gandhi and Katsurba had four sons before he took a vow of celibacy.

Sigmund Freud: Sigmund and Anna Freud: Like father, like daughter.

Jacques Cousteau: Jaques Cousteau shows off a one-man submarine prototype, the sea flea.

George Patton: George S. Patton III followed his father’s military footsteps.

Muhammad Ali: Muhammad Ali plays with his daughters, Hanna and Laila.

Jim Henson: Henson siblings Lisa, Heather and Brian pose with their children and beloved Kermit the Frog as Jim.

Stephen King: Stephen King is collaborating with his son Joe Hill on a graphic novel series.

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