Top World’s 10 Most Fascinating Traditions on New Year’s Eve

Doors are painted red: One of the weirdest traditions on New Year’s Eve. 

Remembering the deceased: Despite the fact that it doesn’t appear to fit the idea of celebrating.

Eating plenty of lentils: An abundant meal is something that celebrations all over the world is commonly known for. 

Putting on a colorful underwear: Mostly in countries like Latin America, wearing a sexy underwear during the change of year is the mostly settled tradition. 

The Hogmanay: We can’t end this list without tackling this one of a kind tradition in Scotland.

Breaking of plates on the doors: You just read it right. In Denmark, it’s their tradition to go to their friends, relatives and neighbors.

Consuming 12 grapes, one for each ring of the bell: If you’re not the kind who loves to be in the crowds and celebrates with hundreds.

Joya no Kane: The ring of bells which is known in Japan as “Joya no Kane”, happens every end of the year in monasteries of the Buddhist.

Sweeping and walking with a suitcase all over the house: There are plenty of traditions in Mexico, one in particular is sweeping in the house at night.

Norweigian Fjord horse: Crossbreeding has been banned in 1907; thus, this breed had preserved its natural and purebred beauty up to the present.

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