10 Great Songs You Didn’t Know OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder Wrote

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Adele, “Rumour Has It” (2011): Tedder’s songwriting and frontman work keeps him constantly busy.

Taylor Swift, “I Know Places” (2014): When Taylor Swift made her much-publicized jump from country to pop on 1989.

The Fray, “Love Don’t Die” (2013): The Fray's Joe King and Ryan Tedder have known each other since before they were famous.

Gavin DeGraw, “Not Over You” (2011): DeGraw's debut single, "I Don't Want To Be," was a Top 10 hit; he's been trying to match that chart success ever since.

Ariana Grande, “Why Try” (2014): Grande's debut album was full of Nineties R&B homage, but her second album looked towards electronic dance music.

Carrie Underwood, “Good in Goodbye” (2012): While much of Tedder's work has been for Top 40 artists, he has branched out into other genres.

Ella Henderson, “Ghost” (2014): Ghost" is another uptempo, bluesy cut like Adele's "Rumour Has It.

Beyoncé, “Halo” (2008): Beyoncé was a fan of OneRepublic's "Come Home," so she reached out to Tedder to see if he would try to write her a song.

John Oates, “Stone Cold Love” (2013): One of the more surprising credits in Tedder's discography is "Stone Cold Love.

Ellie Goulding, “Burn” (2013): Burn" was the product of a tour-bus writing session between Tedder and his OneRepublic bandmate Brent Kutzle.

Leona Lewis, “Bleeding Love” (2007): Timbaland appeared on the remix of OneRepublic's "Apologize," and "Bleeding Love.

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