10 habits that can cause aging

Stress: Taking as many steps as possible to avoid stress is essential if you want to counteract.

Hypertension: High blood pressure can lead to serious brain deterioration.

Fad diets: There is always a risk of losing muscle and bone mass if you don't diet sensibly.

Plastic bottles: Drinking from plastic bottles can give you wrinkles around your mouth.

Neglecting friendships: Having a good circle of friends is highly beneficial to both your health and even life expectancy.

Holding grudges: Being resentful and irritable can have a huge effect on your physical health and vitality.

Depression: Not only does depression damage your mental and physical health.

Dairy: Consuming dairy products on a daily basis can be very detrimental to your gut health.

Diet soda: Consuming too much soda can affect your memory function.

Not drinking water: Not consuming enough water can leave you dehydrated.

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