10 Inventors Who Came to Regret Their Creations

When John Sylvan invented coffee pouches and machines which could turn them into steaming cups of joe, he had no idea of the monster he had created.

Vincent Connare — Comic Sans"If you love it, you don't know much about typography." An anonymous critic of the font Comic Sans 

 Ethan Zuckerman — The Pop-Up Advert If you've ever found yourself yelling at your computer screen in frustration 

 Tom Karen — Raleigh Chopper Before the BMX arrived on the scene in the late 1970s, if you wanted a bike that wasn't of the drop-handlebarred 

Bob Propst — The Office Cubicle While working as a consultant for Herman Miller in the 1960s, Bob Propst introduced America to the open plan office and with it, the office cubicle. 

 Fruit squashes and cordials meanwhile are a mixture of fruit pulp and sugar syrup. 

Dong Nguyen — Flappy Bird Flappy Bird was a sensation in 2014. 

Tim Berners Lee — The Double Slash Given what Sir Tim did for all of us when he developed HTML and created the World Wide Web.

Kamran Loghman  worked for the FBI in the 1980s and helped turn pepper spray into weapons grade material. 

Kalashnikov designed the rifle that bore his name for the Russian army at the end of the Second World War 

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