10 Largest Octopuses

Seven-Arm Octopus: has eight arms like all other species of octopus. Their name comes from the unique arm used for egg fertilization by males of the species coiled in a sac beneath the right eye.

Frilled Giant Pacific Octopus: are distinguishable from their sister species thanks to a frill of merged papillae across their bodies along with two white spots on their heads. 

Common Octopus:is also among the most well-studied. Weights and lengths can vary, but they typically measure between 6.6-22 lb and 1-3 feet in length.

Dumbo Octopus:gets its name from Disney’s famous character due to its large fins that resemble the elephant’s ears. While the average dumbo octopus measures between 7.9-12 inches long.

Yellow Octopus:is another member of the genus Enteroctopus. Little information exists about these mysterious creatures, so scientists must estimate how big they can grow.

Giant Pacific Octopus: They typically weigh around 150 lb and measure over 15 feet long. However, the largest specimen on record weighed almost 600 lb and measured 30 feet in length. 

Southern Red Octopus: is part of the genus Enteroctopus or giant octopus. Although they are not as massive as other species of Enteroctopus, the southern red octopus can still reach impressive sizes.

Mimic Octopus: is one of the most extraordinary varieties of octopus in the ocean. They are sexually dimorphic, as the females are much larger than the males. 

Maori Octopus: is just slightly larger than the southern giant octopus. On average, they weigh between 22-26.5 lb and measure from 3.3-6.5 feet in length. 

Southern Giant Octopus: is known for its distinctive size. Specimens typically weigh around 25 lbs and can measure up to 6 feet in length. 

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