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Top10 Most Coldest Countries In The World

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Finland: Finland is another one of the icy cold countries that can feature temperatures well below minus 20 degrees. 

Greenland: There isn’t a summer in Greenland’s icy layered country. 

Kazakhstan: Next on the list is a neighbor to Russia which means Kazakhstan also shares their insanely cold temperatures that are just downright brutal at times.

Estonia: Continuing the list is Estonia which isn’t exactly super cold in terms of very bad winters and excessive amounts of snow.

Canada: Oh Canada! You’re so darn cold. Given that it’s geographically located in the some of the Northern most areas of the world.

Antarctica: While it technically isn’t a country, there isn’t much that has to be said about why Antarctica comes in at the number one spot. 

Russia: Russia is another huge Northern country in Europe that is know for it’s terribly frigid temperatures. Even in the “summer”.

Iceland: Remember being in geography class and learning that Iceland is in fact a bit warmer than Greenland?.

Mongolia: How would you like to live in a country where the temperature can dip below minus 20 degrees? Well, that’s exactly.

The United States: The United States can get pretty excessively cold especially in higher elevations like Colorado and the downright cold and snowy Northeast.

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