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Top 10Most Common Modes Of Transportation

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Airplanes: Airplanes are the forerunners of the global age. They reduced the quantity of time needed to explore throughout regions.

Human-Powered Transport: Human-drawn carriages and cycle rickshaws can still be seen and are used in some countries.

Boats: While ships are for the ocean world, boats are for the world of rivers and lakes. 

Ships: Long ago, traveling to far away places can only be obtained by ship.

Buses and Trucks: Trucks and buses are essential modes of transportation all over the world.

Animal-Powered Transport: Horse-drawn carriages, bullock carts, donkeys, and horses are the examples of animal-powered carrier or transport.

Three Wheelers: The three wheeler is the symbol of a progressing nation. It is a motorized version of the cycle rickshaw, and it has different names around the globe.

Trains: The most used kind of transportation around the globe

Cars: The most used of today’s kind of transport for personal use. Henry Ford’s vision of everyone owning an individual car has come true.

Motorbikes: The feeling when you ride a motorbike is exceptional.

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