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Top10 Most Intense Race Tracks in Europe

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Hungaroring Circuit, Hungary: Hungaroring Circuit was the home to the first Formula One race according to, RacingCircuits.

Botniaring, Finland: Botniaring is know as Finland’s fastest race track.

Athens Circuit, Greece: Nestled in the capital of Greece is the Athens circuit that offers a real challenge for racers.

Most Intense Race Tracks in Europe: Both Formula One and MotoGP races take place at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Le Mans, France: Le Mans is home to the famous 24-hour race.

Circuit of Wales, UK: This difficult track is perfect for catching some of the craziest action in sports.

The Isle of Man Mountain Course, Isle of Man: The Isle of Man courses are known as some of the most grueling and difficult courses to master.

Nürburgring, Germany: There is a long list of car companies who use Nürburgring as a place to one-up each other. 

Jyllandsringen, Denmark: Jyllandsringen at it’s longest is 1.429 miles and in extreme events the track can shorten to .916 miles.

Monte Carlo, Monaco: Where there is opulence, you can be sure that there is some type of racing nearby.

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