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Top 10 Most Powerful Passports in the World

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Belgium: Ranks highly on two charts, this country makes it at the top 10 due to its entry to 174 countries visa-free, which is only 154 countries for the past years.

Germany: Same as in Singapore, it has the privilege to visit in 179 countries visa-free. 

Portugal: Passport holders of this country have the privilege of entering 177 countries visa-free and can also hold different citizenships.

Singapore: Was scored differently on both lists, but it certainly does not alter with opinion due to its entry to 179 countries visa-free.

Finland and other more countries:  Denmark, Italy, Spain, and Sweden rank highly in the top 10, which is the same as on the other indexes.

Ireland: This country ranks both on the lists although with different scores.

New Zealand: New Zealand is also recognized as among the happiest nations all over the world.

Luxembourg: With 177 various countries to visit visa-free, these Luxembourgers revel in not just with this advantage but also.

Malta: Their passport offers entry to 173 countries visa-free tying with New Zealand in Henley Index.

Japan: This country bears rank one in Henley Passport Index since it can visit 180 countries visa-free!

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