10 Most Snake Infested Lakes in USA

1. Lake Sweetwater, Texas In terms of areas of Texas with a large population, West Texas, Central Texas, and South Texas are excellent places to look for snakes.

2. Lake Erie, Michigan About 300 acres of the inland habitat and 11 miles of shoreline also were protected from the water snake. 

3. Lake Mead, Arizona Snakes are abundant across the region, as one might anticipate in a warm environment. 

4. Lake Tahoe, California Rattlesnakes thrive in the Lake Tahoe Basin, and spring is when they emerge from their winter hibernation.

5. Lake Okeechobee, Florida The South Florida region is home to 34 of Florida’s 46 native snake species, including four of the six venomous species.

6. Lake Texoma, Texas Texoma is home to many different species of snakes. As the weather warms up, so do the snakes. 

7. Lake Gaston, Virginia The copperhead, cottonmouth, and timber rattlesnake are three venomous snake species still found in or near Lake Gaston today. 

8. Lake Martin, Alabama These snakes are frequently regarded as “bad guys” due to their deadly nature, and they receive a lot of negative attention and press. 

9. Collinsville Lake, Oklahoma They are the only venomous snakes that spend a lot of time in the water in the United States.

10. Lake Hartwell, Georgia They live in a wide variety of habitats, from forests to rocky areas and lakes. The color of these snakes ranges from light to dark, tan, and brown.

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