10 Most Visited Monuments In The World

10. Notre Dame – Paris, France:  Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris is a symbol of Gothic art and the Catholic Church.

9. Great Wall – China: The great wall of more than 21,000 kilometers that go from the border with Korea to the desert of Gobi.

8. Opera House – Sydney, Australia: This is one of the most famous and recognized buildings of the twentieth century architecture.

7. Eiffel Tower – Paris, France: The gigantic icon of the light city. The city of love is proud to have the Eiffel Tower within its large number of monuments.

6. Lincoln Memorial – Washington, USA: The first of our list of the most visited monuments in the world that is located in the United States. 

5. Colosseum – Rome, Italy: History is kept alive thanks to the architecture that we can enjoy today. 

4. Statue of Liberty – New York, USA:The Statue of Liberty is the most representative symbol of this word. 

3. Pyramids of Giza – Cairo, Egypt: The first civilizations have left their mark. The most wonderful example is the amazing pyramids of Giza.

2. The Alhambra – Andalusia, Spain: The Alhambra is a group of palaces and gardens that leave all its visitors without air.

1. Taj Mahal – Agra, India2.5 million people annually visit this shrine built by the Muslim emperor Shah Jahan for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

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