10 of the best meat dishes in the world

Beef Wellington: -The ultimate elegant dish, beef Wellington isn't as difficult to make as people think.

Braised beef short ribs: -This comforting dish is everything you need on a lazy day.

Beef bourguignon: -A French classic, beef bourguignon is a delicious stew braised in red wine.

Espetada: -Espetada is a traditional Portuguese dish from the island of Madeira. 

Masala kheema: -This Indian minced beef curry is perfect for a comforting winter meal over rice or roti. 

Chelow kebab: -A typical Iranian dish, chelow kebab is traditionally served with saffron-flavored rice and grilled tomatoes. 

Steak tartare: -No cooking here! This raw meat dish contains cornichons, capers, shallots, fresh herbs.

Shepherd's pie: -This delightful pie is filled with minced meat, vegetables, and mashed potatoes. 

Meatballs: -Meatballs are perfect for a family-friendly dish. Have it either Italian style with pasta.

Goulash: -Make this hearty Hungarian classic to feed the family on chilly nights. 

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