10 sign language words you need to know

 For this sign, you will hold your non-dominant index finger up, then curl your dominant index finger and thumb and meet them.

Take for example, the word “this” : you can sign this word by holding out your non-dominant palm and placing your dominant index finger in the centre of it.

 To request “more” in ASL, curl your fingers until they meet your thumb on each hand, and then tap them together.

Time: To sign “time”, hold your non-dominant fist out and use your dominant index finger to gesture to your wrist, exactly where a watch would be worn.

Deaf: If you would like to inform others that you or someone you are with is Deaf.

Thank you: The ASL word for “thank you” is an easy one, meaning you have no excuse to be impolite.

Go: To say “go”, hold your index fingers pointing upwards, and then “throw” them down into a pointing motion.

Goodbye:  To say “goodbye” in ASL, start with your hand just under your lips, with your palm facing your mouth. Then extend your hand out in a small and friendly wave.

Stop:  To say “stop”, hold your non-dominant hand out palm up, and hold your dominant straight across your open palm.

Okay: Just as many English speakers will choose to shorten the word “okay” to O.K., you can sign the word by the individual letters as well. 

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