10 signs you have a high emotional IQ

You’re a sophisticated social chameleon Your high emotional IQ allows you to adapt your emotions and reactions to match a myriad of social situations.

You’re curious Emotionally intelligent people are inquisitive by nature, and curiosity is at the core of empathy, according to an expert.

You’re a lifelong learner High-EQ people know that a zeal for learning, acquiring knowledge and exploring new ideas doesn’t stop when you leave grade school or college.

You’re a responsible traveller You lend an ear to others. You’ve walked in someone else’s shoes. You’re adaptable to your surroundings. 

You’re an active listener Active listening is a skill you’ve nearly perfected, and one that many good leaders share.

You’re adaptable You’re resilient and versatile, two qualities that help you build stronger, more meaningful relationships, and adapt to the tides of life.

You let feelings take the lead For so long, the workplace has been sterile, and void of emotion. Leaders were taught to lead with fact over instinct, evidence over emotion.

You’re a good leader A lot of the traits that are attributed to a “good leader” aren’t ones related to actual IQ or a specific skillset.

You know your triggers You know that certain situations and people will trigger certain emotions, and you either equip yourself to manage them, or you avoid them.

You’re self-aware Being in touch with your authentic self, your strengths and areas for improvement can contribute to an overall sense of self-awareness.

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