10 signs you're eating too much sugar

Frequent thirst
Every time you eat sugary foods, sugar particles rush into your bloodstream. To restore balance, your cells activate, release water, and send thirst signals to your brain.

Difficulty concentrating
Contrary to popular belief, sugar doesn’t help us stay alert. In fact, researchers have discovered that sugar reduces alertness for 60 minutes after consumption.

If you regularly suffer from insomnia, you should take a look at how much sugar you eat. Difficulty sleeping has been linked to refined sugars.

Frequent cavities
Are you a big fan of fruit juice, candy, and sugary foods? If so, you're at risk of developing more cavities than the average person.

Eating too many desserts
If you can't leave the table without eating a sweet dessert, you're probably consuming too much sugar. Choose fruit instead, eat more slowly, or rethink your diet.

Using sugar to relieve stress
Do you reach for sweets every time you feel stressed? Perhaps you should look for a better way to calm down.

Depressed mood
Sugar and vitamin B just don't mix. When you consume sugary foods, your body has a hard time absorbing vitamin B, a nutrient that greatly influences mood.

Weight gain
When you eat sugary foods, your pancreas releases insulin. This hormone's job is to restore blood sugar levels. How? It moves sugar from your bloodstream into your cells.

Older-looking skin
Regular sugar consumption causes glycation, a chemical reaction that prompts skin to age prematurely.

Constant fatigue
Eating sugar gives your body a quick boost of energy. But after that brief surge, you'll start to feel drowsy; especially if you've just eaten a huge piece of chocolate cake.

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