Top 10 Simple Ways to Discourage Break-ins

Don't Showboat:Don't leave unchained bikes like this one out in the yard.

Tricking Burglars:The right side of this house is just asking for a thief to camp out. Keep areas lit up outside.

Secure Sliding Doors and Windows: Put a strong rod or dowel on the back track of sliding doors to prevent break-ins.

Don't Leave a Spare Key Out: Don't hide spare keys outside.­It may seem like a good idea to leave a spare key hidden.

Secure Your Yard: Tall bushes around your house make perfect hiding places for thieves (and for teens hoping to sneak out of the house.

Get Police Help: Police can help you prevent break-ins rather than just respond to them. See more police pictures.

Prepare Before Vacation: The mailbox screams "my owner isn't home this week, so feel free to break in.

Know Your Neighbors: Neighborhood Watch groups have a proven track record for lowering crime.

Stay Vigilant: Although it's nice to know you have people watching out for you in your neighborhood.

Lock it Up: Locking windows and doors is the most important thing you can do to stop a break-in.

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