10 surprising breakfast in the world

Tacacho con cecina in Peru:
This dish brings together plantains and pork to make a sweet and salty breakfast dish. It is said to have originated in the Amazon.

Cachapas in Venezuela:
These corn pancakes are often filled with cheese, bringing together savoury and sweet flavours.

Appam in South Asia:
Pancake fans, this one is for you. Shaped like a bowl, this pancake-like breakfast food is made with rice flour and coconut milk.

Ackee and saltfish in Jamaica:
The fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, apparently eats ackee and saltfish for breakfast, a ringing endorsement for it.

Shakshuka in Israel:
Fans of tomato-based recipes will devour every last bite of shakshuka. It is said that it became popular in Israel when immigration from North African countries was at a peak.

Miso soup, rice and grilled fish in Japan:
This breakfast dish is a more nutritious option than a sugary bowl of cereal, but it will require a bit more preparation time.

Changua in Colombia:
If you’re loyal to having eggs in the morning, you might consider trying changua.

Smörgås in Sweden:
Some Swedish delicacies have made their way to North America, including meatballs, chocolate and pancakes, but the smörgås breakfast sandwich is not as well known.

Youtiao in China:
This breakfast dish is comparable to a doughnut or cruller. It originated during the Song dynasty (960-1279 CE) when a leader (and his wife) killed a beloved general.

Ful medames in Egypt:
The beans are prepared like a stew and can be combined with tahini or, like in this Lebanese version, with cumin and garlic.

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