Top 10 Things that are Beautiful and Scary

Volcanoes: Seeing pictures or videos of an erupting volcano, let's say in a documentary, seeing all the fire and the lava come out of a volcano looks beautiful.

Love: Love is a beautiful thing, but at the same time it's a very scary thing as you never know what is going to happen.

Space: While outer space is fascinating to learn about, being out there all by yourself can be pretty terrifying.

Wild Animals: The wildlife on Earth is one of nature's most beautiful sights. But while animals are beautiful creatures, at the same time they do kill each other.

Lightning: Seeing lightning bolts in the sky is very pretty, if you've ever seen some of the pictures photographers have taken of lightning storms.

Fire: Fire can be a destructive force, but it can also look beautiful. For example, sitting next to a campfire is relaxing and you often can't help but stare in the flames.

The Ocean:  Not to mention that if you've seen shark movies like Jaws, just being on a boat can feel scary just knowing all the creatures that are living right underneath you.

Dreams: In my opinion, one of the most terrifying yet incredible things in the world. Every night, the knowledge that whether I dream of magical.

Heaven:  That would probably be startling along with all the other supernatural things happening around you but you are free of suffering.

Rivers: The scariest thing about them is that some of them can lead you to the top of a waterfall.

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