10 Things that happen while we sleep

1. Sleepwalking: More likely to affect young children than adults, sleepwalking is a behaviour disorder that happens during deep sleep.

2. Falling Sensation: Almost 70 per cent of us have experienced it: the sensation of falling that jolts us awake just as we are going to sleep.

3. Exploding Head Syndrome: “all of a sudden, the person wakes up having heard a really loud noise, like an explosion, a flash of light, or a sense that their head is exploding.” 

4. Narcolepsy: With this chronic sleep disorder, people feel excessively drowsy during the day and may have “sleep attacks,” nodding off without warning. 

5. Grinding Teeth: We used to think that grinding and clenching our teeth at night (bruxism), in our sleep, was a product of stress or a bad bite.

6. Night Terrors: Almost 40 per cent of children are affected by night terrors, where they experience episodes of screaming, fear and flailing while sleeping.

7. Sleep Paralysis: As a person moves between stages of wakefulness and sleep, sleep paralysis is the feeling of being conscious but not being able to move.

8. Snoring: The problem occurs when air flow through the nose and mouth is obstructed through, say, a deviated septum, poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue, and for other reasons.

9. Sleep Texting: It's like your brain is on autopilot. Think about the rate at which people are texting nowadays, and most people sleep right next to [their phones].

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