10 things to do with a block of tofu

Scrambled tofu is a vegan classic. Its yellow colour comes from the touch of turmeric that’s added for visual effect as much as taste.

While silken tofu is eaten this way more often, there’s no reason for it not to work with firm tofu as well.

Freezing then thawing a block of tofu radically changes its texture. Its water content turns to ice, transforming the tofu into a sponge.

You’ve got two options for eating your tofu as a burger. The first is to grill a piece of tofu, preferably after marinating, before serving it on a bun. 

 When it comes to tofu, marinating is your best bet.

 Put some tofu on the grill and make this magnificent salad or enjoy savoury barbecued tofu.

Tofu is the perfect protein to add to spicy and flavourful curries

Tofu is always an important part of one-bowl meals.

Tofu’s Asian origins are reflected in the dishes in which it goes best.