10 Types Of Black Birds

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Asian Glossy Starling: The Asian glossy starling is a black birds with red eyes that belongs to the Sturnidae family.

Boat-tailed Grackle: The boat-tailed grackle is a black bird belonging to the Icteridae family that is found in the coasts of the Southeastern United States.

Black Swan: The black swan is a large waterbird belonging to the Anatidae family and are found in the southeast and southwest regions of Australia.

Black-Billed Magpie: The black-billed magpie is a black bird with a few white feathers belonging to the corvidae family.

Raven: Raven is a black bird that is also a wild bird with some noticeable intelligence in them, which belong to the Corvidae family.

American Black Swift: The American black swift is black bird that is found in British Columbia and the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Caribbean.

American Coot: The American coot is a black bird belonging to the Rallidae family and is found in North America.

Red-Winged Blackbird: The red-winged blackbird is a black bird with few red patches on its wings and belongs to the Icteridae family.

European Starling: European Starlings are the blackbirds belonging to the Sturnidae family.

Groove-Billed Ani: The groove-billed ani is a tropical black bird belonging to cuckoo or Cuculidae family.

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