Top 10 Ways to Break Into a House

Find an Ideal Target: Take precautions to avoid leaving signs that you're not at home.

Remain Inconspicuous: Adding flood lighting to your home is a good way to dissuade thieves from breaking in.

Find a Good Opening: Warm spring days and crisp fall air make open windows irresistible -- especially to burglars. Thieves think nothing of walking.

Find a Place to Hide: Large bushes by the front door give thieves plenty of hiding room.

Wait for the Holidays: Christmas presents by the window may entice crooks to break in.

Innovate: Burglars posing as delivery or moving professionals can convince neighbors that they're on the level.

Be Camera-shy: Astute burglars look for surveillance devices. These thieves may feel ever-so-clever when spotting, then disabling.

Be Prepared: Neighborhood watch groups can help identify possible burglars.

Surf the 'Net: The Internet is a wonderful research tool -- burglars love it.

Embrace New Technology: Web 2.0 is changing our world and, sadly, assisting burglars too. Here are some of the ways burglars exploit new technologies. 

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