12 facts 1979 Nickel Value Guide

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Common Year: The 1979 nickel is relatively common, meaning it's not a rare coin.

Composition: It's made of 75% copper and 25% nickel, giving it a distinctive appearance.

Face Value: The face value of a 1979 nickel is 5 cents.

Design: The coin features Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, on the obverse side.

Mint Marks: Look for mint marks like "P" (Philadelphia) or "D" (Denver) on the reverse side near Monticello.

Condition Matters: Like all coins, the condition of a 1979 nickel greatly affects its value. Uncirculated coins are generally worth more.

No Silver Content: Unlike earlier nickels, the 1979 nickel does not contain any silver.

Mintage: Millions of 1979 nickels were minted, so they are not considered rare by collectors.

Key Dates: If you're looking for valuable 1979 nickels, focus on mint sets or proof sets that may contain coins in exceptional condition.

Errors and Varieties: Keep an eye out for coins with errors like off-center strikes or die clashes; these can be more valuable to collectors.

Collectibility: While not extremely valuable, these coins are still sought after by collectors for their historical significance.

Value Guide: To determine the specific value of your 1979 nickel, consult a trusted coin value guide or consider getting it appraised by a professional.

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