12 facts about 1934 Wheat Penny

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Introduction to the Wheat Penny Series: The 1934 Wheat Penny is part of the Lincoln Wheat Cent series, which ran from 1909 to 1958.

Designer: Victor David Brenner designed the Lincoln cent, and his initials "VDB" can be found on the reverse of some 1909 pennies.

Obverse Design: The obverse of the 1934 Wheat Penny features a profile of President Abraham Lincoln, making it one of the most recognizable coin designs in U.S. history.

Composition: The 1934 Wheat Penny is composed of 95% copper and 5% tin and zinc, which gives it its distinctive reddish-brown color.

Mint Marks: Look for a small letter under the date. "D" represents the Denver Mint, "S" indicates the San Francisco Mint, and no mint mark indicates the Philadelphia Mint.

Great Depression Era: The 1930s were marked by the challenges of the Great Depression, making these pennies a historical relic of the era.

Low Mintage: While the 1934 Wheat Penny is not considered rare, it has a lower mintage compared to some other years in the series.

Collectors' Favorites: Wheat Pennies, in general, are beloved by collectors, and enthusiasts often seek various dates, mintmarks, and conditions.

Numismatic Value: Well-preserved 1934 Wheat Pennies can have value to collectors, and some may command higher prices, especially in mint condition.

Varieties: Numismatists enjoy searching for varieties and errors in Wheat Pennies, such as doubled dies and minting anomalies.

Numismatic Literature: There are many books and resources dedicated to the study and collection of Lincoln Wheat Cents, offering insights for collectors.

Historical Connection: Owning a 1934 Wheat Penny connects you to a period in American history marked by economic challenges and the enduring legacy of Abraham Lincoln.

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