12 facts about 1939 Mercury Dime

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Artistic Beauty: Its elegant depiction of Liberty wearing a winged cap makes it one of the most beautiful coins in American history.

Not Actually Mercury: Despite the name, the coin doesn't depict the Roman god Mercury. The winged cap on Liberty's head symbolizes freedom of thought.

Wartime Connection: 1939 was a significant year because it marked the beginning of World War II in Europe. This dime captures the spirit of that era.

Silver Composition: These dimes are made of 90% silver, giving them a unique metallic luster and a pleasant heft.

Mintage Numbers: Only 84,614,000 of these dimes were minted in 1939, making them relatively rare compared to other coins.

Numismatic Value: Due to their scarcity and historical significance, 1939 Mercury Dimes are highly sought after by coin collectors.

Key Dates: Some 1939 dimes are more valuable than others, especially those from the Denver and San Francisco mints. Look out for these!

Full Bands: Collectors often search for dimes with full bands, referring to the lines on the central torch. It's a sign of a well-struck coin.

Collectible Varieties: There are several die varieties, such as the doubled die and repunched mint mark varieties, that make collecting these dimes even more interesting.

Historical Context: Owning a 1939 Mercury Dime is like holding a piece of history, as it was minted during a pivotal time in America's past.

Hidden Mysteries: The 1939 Mercury Dime's intricate design hides tiny secrets, like the initials of the designer, Weinman, on the coin.

Investment Potential: As an investment, these dimes have shown steady growth in value over the years, making them a smart choice for collectors and investors alike.

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