12 facts about 1951 Roosevelt Dime 

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A Tribute to FDR: The 1951 Roosevelt Dime pays tribute to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, featuring his profile on the obverse side.

Redesigned Dime: Prior to 1946, the dime had featured the profile of Liberty. The introduction of the Roosevelt Dime was a significant change.

Silver Composition: Much like its predecessors, the 1951 Roosevelt Dime contains 90% silver, making it a valuable piece of American currency.

Mint Marks: You can find these dimes with mint marks from three locations: Philadelphia (no mint mark), Denver ("D" mint mark), and San Francisco ("S" mint mark).

Philadelphia Mint: Dimes minted in Philadelphia, the primary mint, do not have a mint mark, making them easily distinguishable from others.

Denver Mint: Look for the "D" mint mark on the reverse side if you have a 1951 Roosevelt Dime from the Denver Mint.

San Francisco Mint: The "S" mint mark on the reverse identifies dimes from the San Francisco Mint.

Historical Significance: The Roosevelt Dime was introduced in 1946, just after the death of President Roosevelt, to honor his legacy.

Low Mintage: The 1951 Roosevelt Dime had a relatively low mintage compared to other years, which can make it more appealing to collectors.

Numismatic Appeal: Collectors often seek out this dime for its historical importance and design, especially in higher grades.

Design Details: Take a moment to appreciate the fine details of the coin, from FDR's likeness to the torch, olive branch, and oak branch on the reverse.

Enduring Popularity: Decades later, the 1951 Roosevelt Dime remains a popular choice among numismatists, offering a tangible connection to an important era in American history.

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