12 facts about 1955 Jefferson Nickel 

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Distinctive Design: The 1955 Jefferson Nickel features a profile of Thomas Jefferson on the obverse side and his beloved Monticello on the reverse, making it instantly recognizable.

Nickel Composition: These nickels are primarily composed of copper (75%) and nickel (25%), giving them their characteristic silvery appearance.

Philadelphia Mint: Most 1955 Jefferson Nickels were minted in Philadelphia, and they bear no mintmark, distinguishing them from those minted in other locations.

Denver Mint: If you find a "D" mintmark on the reverse side, it indicates that the nickel was minted in Denver.

San Francisco Mint: Some 1955 Jefferson Nickels feature an "S" mintmark, denoting their origin at the San Francisco Mint.

Mintage Quantity: The 1955 Jefferson Nickel had a substantial mintage, making it relatively common and frequently encountered in circulation.

Numismatic Interest: While common in lower grades, the 1955 Jefferson Nickel becomes more appealing to collectors in higher grades due to its sharp detail and luster.

Monticello Symbolism: The depiction of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's historic home, serves as a tribute to one of America's Founding Fathers.

Historical Context: 1955 was a time of post-war prosperity in the United States, with the economy booming and technological advancements on the horizon.

Key Date Varieties: Numismatists search for special varieties, including the "Doubled Die" variety, which can be quite valuable due to its rarity.

Collector's Appeal: Collectors often seek out the 1955 Jefferson Nickel as part of their collection, valuing its classic design and historical connection.

Timeless Numismatic Classic: Decades later, the 1955 Jefferson Nickel remains a favorite among collectors, embodying both American history and the art of coinage.

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