12 facts about 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar 

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A Tribute to JFK: The 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar pays homage to the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, who tragically passed away in 1963.

Silver Content: Unlike modern half dollars, the 1969 edition contains 40% silver, making it a favorite among silver stackers.

Bicentennial Design: The coin's reverse features the Presidential Seal with an eagle, a design that was used until the bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar was introduced in 1976.

Mintage Numbers: In 1969, the Denver Mint produced approximately 80 million Kennedy Half Dollars, while the Philadelphia Mint struck around 100 million.

S Mint Mark: Some 1969 Kennedy Half Dollars bear the "S" mint mark, indicating that they were minted in San Francisco.

Proof Sets: Proof sets containing specially minted, mirror-like Kennedy Half Dollars were also issued in 1969 for collectors.

Collectible Condition: Mint condition 1969 Kennedy Half Dollars are highly sought after by collectors due to their silver content and historical significance.

Designer's Signature: The coin's designer, Gilroy Roberts, signed his initials "GR" just below Kennedy's bust.

Edge Lettering: The coin's edge is reeded and displays the inscription "IN GOD WE TRUST" repeated several times.

Legal Tender: Despite its collector's value, the 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar remains legal tender in the United States.

Variations in Die Marks: Look closely at your 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar, as die marks and minting variations can affect its desirability among collectors.

Historical Connection: This coin was minted during a time of great change in American history, adding an extra layer of significance to this iconic piece of currency.

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