12 facts about 1973 Kennedy Half Dollar 

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High Mintage: The 1973 Kennedy Half Dollar had a substantial mintage, with over 100 million coins struck at both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints.

Composition: This half dollar is primarily composed of 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel, giving it a distinctive appearance.

Design Tribute: The obverse of the coin features a bold and lifelike portrait of President John F. Kennedy, designed by Gilroy Roberts.

In God We Trust: The motto "In God We Trust" is proudly displayed on the reverse, a standard feature of American coinage since the 1950s.

Eagle on the Reverse: The reverse design showcases a majestic bald eagle, symbolizing American freedom and strength.

Mint Marks: Look for 'P' (Philadelphia) and 'D' (Denver) mint marks, indicating the coin's origin.

Collectible Condition: Uncirculated or proof versions of the 1973 Kennedy Half Dollar are highly sought after by collectors, often encased in protective holders.

Special Mint Sets: The 1973 Kennedy Half Dollar was included in the United States Mint's Special Mint Sets, making it more appealing to collectors.

Commemorative Significance: This coin was not issued to commemorate a specific event but remains an important part of American coinage.

Gilroy Roberts: The coin's designer, Gilroy Roberts, also created the iconic Kennedy portrait used on earlier issues.

Educational Value: Owning a 1973 Kennedy Half Dollar offers an opportunity to explore American history and the legacy of JFK.

Numismatic Appeal: While not considered rare, the 1973 Kennedy Half Dollar holds both historical and collectible value, making it a popular choice among coin enthusiasts.

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