12 facts about 1977 Kennedy Half Dollar 

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1. Portrait of JFK: The 1977 Kennedy Half Dollar features the profile of President John F. Kennedy on the obverse side. This iconic image has graced the coin since its inception in 1964.

2. Face Value: Just like all Kennedy Half Dollars, the 1977 version has a face value of 50 cents.

3. Copper-Nickel Composition: The coin is primarily made of a mixture of copper and nickel, which gives it its distinctive appearance.

4. Size and Weight: It has a diameter of 30.6 mm and weighs approximately 11.34 grams.

5. Mintage: The 1977 Kennedy Half Dollar had a substantial mintage, with millions of coins produced. This makes it a common coin in circulation.

6. Mint Marks: Look for mint marks like "D" (Denver) or "P" (Philadelphia) on the reverse side, near the base of the torch.

7. Collectibility: While not particularly rare, Kennedy Half Dollars are often collected for their historical significance and connection to President Kennedy.

8. Continuation of the Series: Kennedy Half Dollars were first introduced in 1964, shortly after President Kennedy's assassination, and have been minted annually since then.

9. Special Varieties: Throughout the years, some Kennedy Half Dollars have been issued with special finishes or minting errors, making them more collectible.

10. Bicentennial Issue: In 1976, a special Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar was minted to commemorate the United States' 200th anniversary. It featured a dual date of "1776-1976."

11. Silver Content: While the 1977 Kennedy Half Dollar is primarily composed of copper and nickel, earlier versions (1964) contained 90% silver, making them valuable to collectors for their content.

12. Condition Matters: As with all coins, the condition of a 1977 Kennedy Half Dollar is a significant factor in its value. Uncirculated coins.

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