12 facts about 1978 Dollar Coin 

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1. Susan B. Anthony: The 1978 Dollar Coin features the image of Susan B. Anthony, a prominent figure in the women's suffrage movement, on the obverse side.

2. Face Value: The face value of the 1978 Dollar Coin is one dollar, making it a higher denomination in U.S. currency.

3. Composition: The coin is primarily made of a copper-nickel alloy, similar to other U.S. coins of that era.

4. Size and Weight: It has a diameter of 26.5 mm (1.043 inches) and weighs approximately 8.1 grams.

5. Unique Edge Lettering: The 1978 Dollar Coin has unique edge lettering with the year and mint mark, a feature that sets it apart from other coins.

6. Susan B. Anthony's Legacy: Susan B. Anthony was the first woman to appear on a circulating U.S. coin, making the 1978 Dollar Coin historically significant.

7. Limited Mintage: The coin was only minted for a short period, from 1979 to 1981 and again in 1999. This limited mintage adds to its collectibility.

8. Misconception: Despite its name, the 1978 Dollar Coin is not worth one dollar in terms of its collector's value. It is primarily collected for its historical significance.

9. No Silver Content: Unlike earlier silver dollars, the 1978 Dollar Coin does not contain any silver.

10. Collectible Varieties: Some 1978 Dollar Coins have different mint mark placements, adding to their collectibility.

11. Notable Errors: Collectors are interested in coins with errors, such as missing letters or double strikes, which can be worth a significant amount.

12. Susan B. Anthony's Impact: The coin serves as a lasting tribute to Susan B. Anthony's contributions to the women's suffrage movement and her role in American history.

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