12 facts about 1978 Half Dollar

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Bicentennial Celebration: The 1978 half dollar was minted as part of the United States Bicentennial celebration, commemorating the nation's 200th birthday.

John F. Kennedy: This coin features a striking portrait of President John F. Kennedy, a beloved figure in American history.

Copper-Nickel Composition: The 1978 half dollar is primarily composed of copper (75%) and nickel (25%), giving it its characteristic silver appearance.

Denver and Philadelphia Mints: These coins were produced at both the Denver and Philadelphia Mints, each marked with a 'D' or 'P' to indicate its origin.

Standard Size: The 1978 half dollar adheres to the standard U.S. half dollar size, measuring 30.6mm in diameter.

High Mintage: In 1978, over 33 million Kennedy half dollars were minted, making them relatively common in circulation.

Circulated Coins: Unlike some commemorative coins, the 1978 half dollar was intended for everyday use in transactions.

Design Variations: While the obverse remained consistent, the reverse of the 1978 half dollar featured the Liberty Bell and the Moon.

Collectors' Appeal: The 1978 half dollar is still sought after by collectors, especially in uncirculated condition or as part of coin sets.

Edge Inscriptions: The coin's edge is inscribed with "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "LIBERTY," emphasizing American values.

Historical Significance: The 1978 half dollar pays homage to President Kennedy, whose legacy continues to resonate with the American public.

Continuing Tradition: Kennedy half dollars have been minted since 1964, making them an integral part of modern U.S. coinage.

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