12 facts about 1988 Washington Quarter

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Olympic Tribute: The 1988 Washington Quarter celebrates the Summer Olympics held in Seoul, South Korea, with a runner carrying the torch on the reverse side.

"M" Mint Mark: Quarters from the Philadelphia mint typically don't bear a mint mark. However, the 1988 Washington Quarter showcases an "M" mint mark due to an error.

Eagle-Eyed Design: The detailed depiction of a runner on the reverse is not only an ode to the Olympics but also an example of the craftsmanship that goes into coin design.

Pristine Proofs: The 1988 Proof Set includes quarters with a mirror-like finish. These proofs are meticulously struck multiple times to achieve their flawless appearance.

Double Die Delight: Die varieties in the minting process led to some 1988 Washington Quarters displaying doubled features, making them stand out in the world of coin collecting.

Variation Hunt: Look closely at the runner's fingers on the reverse side. A slight variation in the number of fingers is a quirk that adds character to certain quarters.

Numismatic Evolution: The 1988 quarter was part of the shift towards more intricate and artistic coin designs, marking a transition from the simpler designs of earlier decades.

Silver Surprises: While most quarters are made from a copper-nickel alloy, some 1988 Washington Quarters were struck on 90% silver planchets, creating valuable silver editions.

Die-Crack Discovery: Die cracks or chips caused during minting lend a unique appearance to some 1988 quarters, turning what could be seen as imperfections into collectible features.

Statehood Symbolism: The Olympic torch bearer on the reverse encapsulates the spirit of competition and unity, serving as a nod to the global significance of the Games.

Collector's Appeal: The combination of historical relevance and intriguing design elements makes the 1988 Washington Quarter a sought-after item among both casual and avid collectors.

Aged Elegance: Over time, some 1988 Washington Quarters have developed toning and patina, giving them a vintage charm that tells the story of their journey through time.

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