12 facts about 1989 Kennedy Half Dollar

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Rare Mint Errors: In 1989, a small number of Kennedy Half Dollars were mistakenly struck on wrong planchets, resulting in coins with unusual weight and composition.

Proof Varieties: Among the standard minting, there are rare proof varieties that showcase subtle differences in details, making them highly sought after by collectors.

Designer's Initials: If you look closely, you might spot the initials "FG" on the truncation of Kennedy's neck, representing the coin's designer, Frank Gasparro.

Satin Finish Experiment: The 1989 Kennedy Half Dollar was experimented with a satin finish, creating a unique texture that stands out from other years.

Master Die Changes: Some coins exhibit slight design variations due to changes in master dies during the minting process, making them distinctive in the eyes of collectors.

Double Die Obverse: A few coins from this year display a double die obverse, where elements like Kennedy's profile and lettering appear slightly doubled.

Special Mint Set Strikes: Apart from regular circulation strikes, the 1989 Kennedy Half Dollar was also included in special mint sets, providing a different level of quality and presentation.

Low Mintage Proof Issues: The proof versions of this coin were struck in lower numbers compared to other years, making them a prized possession among numismatists.

Transition from Copper-Nickel to Clad: 1989 marks the transition year when the composition of the coin changed from 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel to the current copper-nickel clad makeup.

Hidden Treasures in Uncirculated Rolls: Some unopened rolls of 1989 Kennedy Half Dollars might still contain pristine, uncirculated coins waiting to be discovered.

Intricate Minting Process: Delve into the complex process of how these coins are minted, from the initial blank preparation to the final striking and inspecting stages.

Numismatic Renaissance: The 1989 Kennedy Half Dollar is considered a product of the numismatic renaissance, a period that focused on revitalizing coin designs and aesthetics.

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