12 facts about 1989 Lincoln Penny 

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Unintentional Varieties: The 1989 Lincoln Penny has fascinating varieties due to a mint error. Keep an eye out for double-die or repunched mint mark versions!

Transitional Blunder: Some 1989 pennies were mistakenly minted with the older reverse design intended for 1988. These are incredibly rare and cherished by collectors.

Mint Mark Mania: Search for 1989 pennies with no mint mark. These were produced in Philadelphia, unlike those with a "D" (Denver) or "S" (San Francisco) mark.

Copper Conundrum: Most pennies are made of zinc with a copper coating. However, in 1989, a few were accidentally struck in solid copper! These are exceptionally valuable.

Invisible 'S': A handful of 1989 pennies from San Francisco were minted with a nearly invisible "S" mint mark. Finding one is like discovering a hidden gem.

The Puzzling Proof: In 1989, a batch of proof pennies was mistakenly struck with the reverse die intended for regular circulation coins. These are sought-after oddities.

Tiny Initials: Microscopic initials "VDB" on the reverse of the penny honor the coin's designer, Victor David Brenner. Look closely - they're your mini treasure hunt!

Close AM vs. Wide AM: Certain 1989 pennies exhibit variations in the spacing between "A" and "M" in "AMERICA." The "Close AM" variety is scarcer and highly desired.

Mint Set Marvel: The 1989 Mint Set includes pennies from both Philadelphia and Denver with differing finishes. This set is a must-have for avid collectors.

Lincoln's Earlobe: A minor but captivating detail! Some 1989 pennies depict an elongated earlobe on Lincoln's profile. It's a quirk that adds character to the coin.

Secret Code: Look closely at the date. A skilled eye might spot a faint, hidden "F" beneath the loop of the "9," signifying a striking at the Philadelphia mint.

Fading Memories: Over time, some 1989 pennies have exhibited fading or wear that gives them a unique, vintage appearance. Each worn coin holds a tale of its journey.

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