12 facts about 1989 Washington Quarter 

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Birth of a Nation: The 1989 Washington Quarter is a tribute to the centennial of North Dakota and South Dakota's statehood, featuring two ears of wheat and their statehood dates.

P-Mint Mark Rarity: Unlike most quarters from the Philadelphia mint, the 1989 Washington Quarter bears no mint mark. This adds an air of mystery to this particular coin.

Distinctive Reverse: The reverse side displays a peaceful scene of a combine harvester in a wheat field, symbolizing the importance of agriculture to the Dakotas.

Flawed Strikes: Some 1989 Washington Quarters display visible die cracks or chips, caused by flaws in the minting process. These imperfections add character to the coin.

Sculptor's Initials: Look for the initials "GTM" at the base of George Washington's neck, signifying the work of the coin's designer, Gutzon Borglum.

Mint Set Variety: The 1989 Mint Set includes quarters with both the "P" and "D" mint marks, showcasing the craftsmanship of two different mints in one collection.

Eagle-Eyed Collectors: Keen observers might spot doubling on the lettering or date due to die varieties, turning an ordinary coin into a numismatic treasure.

Unusual Composition: The 1989 Washington Quarter is made of a cupronickel alloy, offering a distinctive color and composition that sets it apart from earlier quarters.

Wheat Sprigs Symbolism: The two wheat sprigs on the reverse represent not only agriculture but also prosperity and unity, reflecting the spirit of the Dakotas.

Blazing the Trail: The 1989 quarter was part of the ongoing effort to honor each state with a unique quarter design, a tradition that sparked widespread interest in coin collecting.

Collector's Item: Due to its role in the statehood centennial celebration, the 1989 Washington Quarter is often sought after by collectors who appreciate its historical significance.

Unearthed Mysteries: As time goes by, some 1989 Washington Quarters show signs of toning, creating a spectrum of colors that reveal the passage of time and the stories they've witnessed.

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