12 facts about 1992 Roosevelt Dime 

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Design Evolution: The 1992 Roosevelt Dime features the profile of President Franklin D. Roosevelt on the obverse side. This design has remained relatively unchanged since its introduction in 1946.

Mint Marks: Look closely at your 1992 Dime. You might find a small letter near the base of Roosevelt's neck. This is the mint mark, indicating where the coin was minted.

Copper and Nickel: Roosevelt Dimes are composed of a blend of copper (91.67%) and nickel (8.33%). This alloy gives the coin its distinctive appearance and durability.

No Silver Content: Unlike earlier dimes, the 1992 version contains no silver. It's part of the shift from precious metals to base metals in U.S. coinage.

Pristine Condition: Coin collectors cherish dimes in mint condition. A 1992 Dime in pristine condition can fetch a premium price in the market.

Low Mintage: The 1992 Roosevelt Dime had a relatively low mintage compared to other years. This makes it more sought after by collectors.

Proof Sets: The U.S. Mint released special proof sets in 1992, featuring highly polished and carefully struck coins. These sets are a collector's dream.

Varieties: Some 1992 Dimes exhibit minor variations, such as doubling on the coin's features. These are known as "variety coins" and are highly collectible.

Inscriptions: Besides the main design, the dime features inscriptions like "Liberty" and "In God We Trust," reflecting American values.

Historical Significance: 1992 was an eventful year in American history, and owning a 1992 Dime can serve as a historical memento.

Educational Tool: Roosevelt Dimes can be a great way to introduce young ones to the world of numismatics and history.

Collectible Investment: If you're looking for an investment with a touch of history, the 1992 Roosevelt Dime might just be the right choice.

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