12 facts about 1994 American Silver Dollar

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Bullion Coin: The 1994 American Silver Eagle is a bullion coin produced by the United States Mint.

One Troy Ounce: It contains precisely one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver, making it a popular choice among silver investors.

Legal Tender: Despite its intrinsic silver value, the American Silver Eagle has a nominal face value of $1 and is considered legal tender in the United States.

Design: The obverse of the coin features Adolph A. Weinman's iconic "Walking Liberty" design, while the reverse showcases a heraldic eagle designed by John Mercanti.

Mintage: In 1994, the United States Mint produced approximately 4,227,319 American Silver Eagles.

Collector Versions: In addition to the standard bullion version, the U.S. Mint also produces collector versions, including proof coins with mirror-like finishes and uncirculated versions.

Government Backing: The American Silver Eagle is backed by the U.S. government for weight and purity, providing assurance to investors.

Numismatic Interest: While primarily a bullion coin, many collectors also seek the American Silver Eagle for its design and historical significance.

Face Value: The coin's face value of $1 is largely symbolic, as its intrinsic silver value far exceeds this amount.

Precious Metal IRA: American Silver Eagles are eligible for inclusion in Precious Metal Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), making them a popular choice for retirement planning.

Storage: To preserve their condition, American Silver Eagles are often stored in protective holders, capsules, or tubes.

Value: The value of a 1994 American Silver Eagle can vary based on factors like its condition, collector demand, and the prevailing silver market prices.

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