12 facts about Silver Eagle Coins

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Inception: The American Silver Eagle coin program was introduced in 1986 by the United States Mint.

Purity: Silver Eagles are made of 99.9% pure silver, making them one of the most sought-after bullion coins globally.

Design: The obverse of the coin features a depiction of Lady Liberty, inspired by Adolph A. Weinman's design from the Walking Liberty half-dollar.

Reverse: The reverse side showcases a majestic eagle with a shield, symbolizing strength and freedom. This design was created by John Mercanti.

Face Value: Despite their high silver content, Silver Eagles have a nominal face value of one dollar.

Legal Tender: Although they are legal tender, the real value of these coins lies in their silver content, making them a popular choice for investors.

Mintage: Over the years, millions of Silver Eagle coins have been minted, but certain years and special editions can be rare and highly collectible.

Numismatic Value: Some Silver Eagles, especially those in exceptional condition or with unique characteristics, can be prized by collectors and command a premium.

Security Features: Recent editions of Silver Eagles include advanced security features to combat counterfeiting, such as micro-engraved reeded edges.

Varieties: There are various editions and finishes of Silver Eagles, including proof, burnished, and uncirculated, offering options for collectors and investors.

IRA Eligibility: Silver Eagle coins meet the requirements for inclusion in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), making them a popular choice for retirement savings.

Global Recognition: Silver Eagles are not just popular in the United States; they are recognized and traded worldwide, providing liquidity and versatility to investors.

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