12 Influencers Throughout History

Amelia Bloomer: In 1848, as women throughout the United States sought greater participation in government with the Seneca Falls Convention.

Queen Victoria: Before Kate Middleton’s or Diana Spencer’s iconic wedding dresses, another royal was so influential.

Queen Elizabeth: In the mid-16th century smallpox ravaged many households, and royalty was no exception.

King Louis XIV: Though the wig has been seen in several different moments throughout history.

Cleopatra:Cleopatra name is so well-known that it still evokes several different associations—kohl-lined eyes, William Shakespeare.

Giuseppe Garibaldi:Giuseppe Garibaldi was most notably a general who fought for the unification of Italy, as well as its eventual status as a kingdom.

Emiliano Zapata: Though the mustache existed long before Emiliano Zapata, the Mexican revolutionary leader transformed the strip of facial hair.

Morris Frank: Morris Frank grew up with some privilege as the youngest son in a wealthy family in Tennessee.

Coco Chanel: French designer Coco Chanel can be thanked for many iconic innovations in fashion, including the little black 

Madame Wellington Koo: Oei Hui-lan, better known as Madame Wellington Koo, was the first lady of the Republic of China from late 1926 to 1927, but she also left her mark on history in other ways.

William Dorsey Swann: In 1888 William Dorsey Swann hosted one of his regular drag balls in Washington, D.C., with dozens of Black men adorned in gowns, Swann included.

Ambrose Burnside: During his lifetime, Ambrose Burnside wore many hats: not only was he a Union general during the American Civil War. 

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