12 Most Expensive Mangoes in the World

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Taiyo no Tamago Mango:Grown in Japan,these mangoes are often considered the most expensive in the world due to their limited supply,exceptional taste and perfect appearance.

Miyazaki Mango:Also from Japan,they are highly sought after for their rich flavor and attractive appearance.They are carefully cultivated and graded,resulting in higher prices.

Alphonso Mango:Known as the "King of Mangoes," they from India are renowned for their sweet, creamy texture, and intense flavor.Premium quality Alphonso mangoes can be priced higher.

Carrie Mango:Originating from Florida,USA,Carrie mangoes are known for their fiberless flesh and rich,sweet flavor.They are considered a gourmet mango variety and can be relatively expensive.

Kesar Mango: Another popular mango variety from India, Kesar mangoes have a unique sweet taste and a distinctive aroma. They are often in high demand and can command higher prices.

Keitt Mango:They are large-sized mangoes primarily grown in the USA,Mexico and Israel.They have a sweet and mild flavor and their availability outside of their growing regions can make more expensive.

Haden Mango:They are one of the most commercially popular mango varieties.They have a vibrant color,sweet taste and aromatic flesh.While they are widely available,they can be priced higher.

Nam Dok Mai Mango:Originally from Thailand,they are highly regarded for their fragrant aroma, smooth texture, and sweet flavor.They are often sought after and can be priced higher.

Manila Mango:Also known as the "Ataulfo" mango,this variety is grown primarily in Mexico.They are small,golden-yellow fruits with a sweet and buttery taste. 

Kent Mango:They are widely available in the market and known for their juicy,sweet flesh.They have a pleasant flavor and are often sought after,although they may not be high expensive.

Palmer Mango:They are a popular variety known for their large size,rich flavor and fiberless flesh.They are widely grown in Florida,USA and can be priced higher depending on the quality.

Honey Mango:They also called "Chokanan"or"Mangga Madu," are grown in Southeast Asia.They have a sweet and tangy flavor and are considered a premium mango variety in the region.

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