12 Most Expensive Salt in the World

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Amethyst Bamboo Salt-This Korean salt is made by roasting bamboo filled with sea salt and mineral-rich herbs multiple times.The intricate process contribute to its high price.

Fleur de Sel-It is a hand-harvested sea salt from specific coastal regions,such as Brittany in France.Its delicate texture,distinct flavor make it one of the most expensive salts.

Black Diamond Flake Salt-Produced in Cyprus,it is a unique salt infused with activated charcoal.It has a striking black color and is prized for its decorative and gourmet qualities.

Pink Himalayan Salt-Mined in the foothills of the Himalayas,it is renowned for its natural pink color and high mineral content.Its wellness markets contributes to its relatively higher price.

Murray River Salt-Harvested from the Murray-Darling Basin in Australia,it is known for its delicate peach-colored flakes.It has a mild flavor and is considered a premium finishing salt.

Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt-It gets its distinctive red color from volcanic clay called Alaea. It is traditionally used in native Hawaiian cuisine and is valued for its unique flavor.

Sal de Ibiza-It is a premium sea salt from the Spanish island of Ibiza.It is hand-harvested and sun-dried,resulting in pure,flavorful crystals. 

Sel Gris de Guérande-It is a coarse, hand-harvested sea salt from the Guérande region in France.Its mineral-rich composition and briny flavor make it highly regarded by chefs and gourmands.

Kala Namak-It also known as Black Salt, is a type of rock salt primarily sourced from India and Pakistan.It has a distinctive sulfurous aroma and is commonly used in South Asian cuisine.

Maldon Sea Salt-It produced in Essex, England, is known for its pyramid-shaped flakes and pure, clean taste. It is often used as a finishing salt and is a favorite among chefs.

Cyprus Black Lava Salt-It is blended with activated charcoal,giving it a striking black color and a slightly smoky flavor.It is often used as a decorative and gourmet salt.

Halen Môn-It also known as Anglesey Sea Salt,is harvested from the Menai Strait in Wales.Its light and flaky texture along with its renowned taste has earned it a place among the premium salts.

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