12 Most Expensive Saxophones

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Selmer Mark VI: The vintage Selmer Mark VI saxophones, especially those in pristine condition, can command high prices in the collector's market.

Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Jubilee Edition: Selmer's high-end professional model, especially special editions or vintage models, can be quite expensive.

Yamaha Custom Z Series: Yamaha's top-of-the-line custom saxophones, such as the Custom Z alto or tenor sax, can have higher price tags.

Yanagisawa Soprano Saxophones: Yanagisawa makes some of the finest soprano saxophones, and their top models can be quite costly.

Keilwerth SX90R Shadow: Keilwerth is known for producing professional-quality saxophones, and the Shadow series, with its unique finish, tends to have higher prices.

Julius Keilwerth SX90R Black Nickel: Another high-end offering from Keilwerth, featuring black nickel plating, which contributes to its higher price.

Borgani Jubilee Edition Saxophones: Borgani is a boutique saxophone maker, and their limited edition or jubilee models can be expensive.

P. Mauriat System 76: P. Mauriat offers a wide range of saxophones, and the System 76 series is known for its craftsmanship and higher pricing.

Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Saxophone: Rampone & Cazzani is a premium Italian saxophone brand, and their R1 Jazz model is sought after by professional players.

Yanagisawa WO Series: Yanagisawa's WO (Wide Open) series features improved ergonomics and sound, often at a higher cost.

Theo Wanne Saxophones: Theo Wanne is a renowned mouthpiece maker, but they also produce limited edition saxophones with a focus on tonal excellence.

Buffet Crampon S1 Soprano Saxophone: Buffet Crampon is primarily known for its clarinets, but their S1 soprano saxophones can be expensive and highly sought after.

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