12 Most Expensive Types of Wood in the World

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African Blackwood: Also known as Mozambique ebony, African Blackwood is a dense and dark hardwood used for musical instruments, fine furniture, and ornamental items.

Agarwood: Known for its aromatic resin,Agarwood, also called oud or aloeswood, is highly valued for its distinctive fragrance. It is used in perfumes, incense, and traditional medicines. 

Sandalwood:This Sandalwood is famous for its fragrant and durable heartwood.It is used in carvings, religious artifacts and high-end furniture.The high demand for sandalwood, its high price.

Pink Ivory:This is a rare and beautiful wood known for its vibrant pink color.It is used in fine woodworking and decorative crafts. 

Brazilian Rosewood: Once widely used in the crafting of high-quality guitars, Brazilian Rosewood is highly prized for its exceptional tonal qualities and rich, dark color. 

Bubinga:This is an exotic hardwood native to tropical regions of Africa.It is valued for its striking grain patterns and reddish-brown color.It is commonly used in furniture,cabinetry and veneers.

Ebony: Ebony is a dense and durable wood known for its deep black color and smooth texture.It is used in high-end furniture, musical instruments, and fine crafts. 

Ziricote: Ziricote is a Central American hardwood with distinctive dark brown to black color and unique grain patterns. It is used in high-end furniture, flooring, and decorative items. 

Purpleheart: As the name suggests, Purpleheart wood features a vibrant purple color that deepens with age. It is commonly used in fine woodworking, flooring, and specialty items. 

Macassar Ebony: Macassar Ebony is a highly prized and rare wood from Southeast Asia.Macassar Ebony is used in luxury furniture, cabinetry, and musical instruments.

Snakewood:This is an exotic wood with a unique appearance,characterized by its reddish-brown color and black "snakelike" markings. It is primarily used for specialty items.

Olive Ash Burl:This is a rare and prized wood with swirling patterns and a range of colors, from cream to dark brown. It is used in high-end furniture, veneers, and decorative crafts.

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