13 Facts about 1948 Roosevelt Dime

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Transitional Design: The 1948 Roosevelt Dime marked the first year of the new design, replacing the Mercury Dime. Its portrayal of President Franklin D.

Distinctive Mintmarks: Minted in Philadelphia ("P"), Denver ("D"), and San Francisco ("S"), these mintmarks offer insights into the origin of each coin.

Minting Quantities: The 1948 Roosevelt Dime saw varying mintages, with the Philadelphia Mint producing the highest number and the San Francisco Mint yielding the lowest.

Silver Composition: Composed of 90% silver and 10% copper, the 1948 Roosevelt Dime captures the elegance of the silver era.

San Francisco Rarity: Among the mintmarks, the 1948-S Roosevelt Dime is the most elusive, making it a prized find for collectors.

Depression-Era Symbolism: Issued in the aftermath of World War II, the 1948 Roosevelt Dime reflects a nation's resilience and optimism during challenging times.

Design Evolution: Explore how the iconic portrait of Roosevelt on the obverse and the torch, olive branch, and oak branch on the reverse evolved over time.

Proof Strikes: A limited number of proof coins were struck in 1948 with a distinct finish, coveted for their mirror-like surfaces and sharp details.

Numismatic Grading: Discover the intricacies of coin grading and how it influences the value and desirability of the 1948 Roosevelt Dime.

Hidden Errors: Error coins like double dies and planchet flaws add a layer of intrigue to collecting the 1948 Roosevelt Dime, with some fetching higher prices.

Market Dynamics: Understand the ever-changing market trends and demand patterns that impact the value of the 1948 Roosevelt Dime.

Cultural Context: Delve into the historical and cultural context of 1948 to uncover how it shaped the production and significance of this coin.

Collector's Journey: Follow the path of a collector, from discovering a 1948 Roosevelt Dime to learning about its history, rarity, and value.

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