13 facts about 1958 Washington Quarter

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Scarce Mintage: The 1958 Washington Quarter boasts a low mintage, making it a prized find among collectors.

Silver Content: Crafted from 90% silver and 10% copper, this quarter holds inherent value in its composition.

Collectible Grades: The coin's value varies based on its condition, with uncirculated specimens holding the highest worth.

Mint Marks: Keep an eye out for mint marks like "D" (Denver) and "P" (Philadelphia) that influence its rarity.

Grade Impact: Even minor variations in condition can significantly impact the coin's valuation.

Key Date Possibilities: Certain years within the series, like 1958, might hold key date status, amplifying their desirability.

Historical Significance: Beyond its value, the quarter embodies a slice of American history and culture.

Market Demand: A strong collector base contributes to the ongoing demand for these vintage coins.

Auction Highlights: Stay informed about recent auction sales to gauge the market's interest in 1958 Washington Quarters.

Authentication Matters: Genuine coins verified by experts command higher prices due to their authenticity.

Grading Services: Professional grading services assess a coin's condition impartially, influencing its market value.

Varieties and Errors: Look for rare varieties and minting errors that can elevate your quarter's value.

Educational Resources: Delve into online resources, forums, and guides to enhance your knowledge of coin collecting and valuation.

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